Russell declares: 'We just do really well on Saturday'

23-07-2021 19:11 | Updated: 23-07-2021 20:02
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Russell declares: 'We just do really well on Saturday'

George Russell has been a positive presence at Williams this season. Where the team is normally found at the back of the grid, the driver is now regularly in the middle of the field. Russell is surprised as well, he tells

On Saturdays in particular, Williams has been excellent this season. "I have no idea how we manage to qualify so well every time," Russell says. "On paper we still have the ninth car in the field. In every session except qualifying. In VT1, VT2, VT3 and in the race we are the ninth team. In qualifying we suddenly manage to put the car in the best ten, or best twelve."

Russell failed to finish beyond twelfth place at the British Grand Prix. "I think it's a fair result. We probably didn't deserve to finish further up front either. It always seems to be like that, we always go backwards on Sunday. It's not because we do badly on Sunday. It's mainly because we just do really well on Saturday."

Russell possibly to Mercedes

Russell's name has been linked with a move to Mercedes in recent months. The Williams driver should succeed Valtteri Bottas there.

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