'Prepare for bitterness between Hamilton and Verstappen'

22-07-2021 14:25 | Updated: 22-07-2021 17:17
by GPblog.com
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'Prepare for bitterness between Hamilton and Verstappen'

There is still a lot of talk about Max Verstappen's crash. He collided with Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix. F1 journalist David Tremayne expects it won't be the last time the two rivals have run into each other in such a way on the track.

During last Sunday's Grand Prix at Silverstone, Verstappen and Hamilton collided resulting in a crash with an impact of 51G for the Dutchman. Hamilton was able to drive on, got a ten second time penalty, but managed to win the race.

Respective relationship seems to be over

Tremayne expects that the respectful relationship Hamilton and Verstappen had may have come to an end because of the incident. "But by and large they have managed to maintain a clearly respectful relationship. Sadly, I doubt that will continue – at least for a while – after Sunday’s incident," he writes in his column for F1.com.

According to Tremayne, the collision was a racing incident and some of the blame lay with both drivers, but he believes the two drivers are growing further apart as a result of the incident. "I regret the rift between F1’s two best drivers, but expect it to widen from now on. Prepare, sadly, for more acrimony, but also a lot more edge-of-the-seat jousting."

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