Raikkonen doesn't want to hear engineer's excuse: 'We need to wake up'

22-07-2021 07:27 | Updated: 22-07-2021 10:13
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Raikkonen doesn't want to hear engineer's excuse: 'We need to wake up'

Kimi Raikkonen was very close to the points during the British Grand Prix, but the incident with Sergio Perez prevented that. Kimi's engineer wanted to make this clear, but the Finn didn't have the same opinion.

Raikkonen drove a strong Grand Prix at Silverstone. The Finn was close to the points for the entire race, and by the end of the race he was even in tenth place. Perez, however, came hard alongside, causing damage to the Finn. As a result, Kimi finished in fifteenth place.

Irritated Raikkonen

After the race his engineer said it was a shame about the incident with Perez, otherwise points would have been possible. After not understanding it the first time, Kimi answered in his own way: ''Maybe, but maybe we just need to make the car faster. It's that simple. It's impossible to fight with them. Come on, we have to wake up and do something.''

After the race, Kimi also revealed at Motorsport.com also revealed that he was defending the whole race. ''We expected it wouldn't be an easy race and it turned out to be. After the start it looked reasonable but the longer we raced, the more I looked in the mirrors instead of to the front. We tried to fight, but it wasn't enough. Maybe we are better off at other tracks but hey, what can you do?", concludes the 2007 world champion.

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