Will the Mercedes team come up with more updates this year?

21-07-2021 15:21 | Updated: 21-07-2021 17:39
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Will the Mercedes team come up with more updates this year?

Before the Silverstone Grand Prix, the Mercedes team had pinned all of their hopes on their new updates to take on Red Bull Racing again. It is difficult to say whether the updates were a success or not. Lewis Hamilton took first place in qualifying on Friday but had to give way to Verstappen in the sprint race. On Sunday the Dutchman's race was too short to really tell.

Updates did their job

In their Race Debrief on Mercedes' Youtube channel James Allison elaborates on Mercedes' updates this season. "The updates in Silverstone all seemed to be behaving well. And if you then look at the stopwatch you can see that just relative to the field we had moved forward this weekend. We were able to close some ground on Red Bull and we were able to have a more competitive weekend as a result. So we came home after the weekend pretty chipper about the upgrade."

Future updates Mercedes?

But are there any more updates to expect from Mercedes' side this year? "There may be, here and there. But the vast, sort of main industrial effort of our development programma, that was the last big package that we will bring this year" Allison said.

However, Allison thus debunks the myth that Mercedes will not improve anything at all on the car this season: "There will be a few tweaks here and there, where we can see efficiently that we can bring some performance without distracting us from the big effort that is now going into next year's car."

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