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Jos Verstappen denies tirade against Wolff

Jos Verstappen denies tirade against Wolff

21-07-2021 15:05 Last update: 17:38


The crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton during the Grand Prix at Silverstone evoked a lot of emotions from the teams, fans and intimates. The Mercedes team was not thanked for celebrating the hard hit by the Dutchman while he was in hospital.

Jos vs Toto

For example, we on GPblog reported about the fact that Jos Verstappen would be completely finished with Mercedes-team boss Toto Wolff, a message that was put into the world by the medium F1 Insider.

Jos would have claimed that Toto Wolff never left him alone to try and sign his son Max, but now Wolff would never have to call him again.


It now turns out that F1-Insider never had contact with Jos Verstappen after the race on Sunday, according to the Dutch former driver on his Twitter page. The article that was published around his comments is therefore a hoax.

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