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Albon: 'Verstappen should have closed the gap completely for Hamilton'

Albon: 'Verstappen should have closed the gap completely for Hamilton'

21-07-2021 12:04 Last update: 13:29


The crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton has had a big impact on the F1 paddock. Two camps clearly emerged and Mercedes and Red Bull Racing have been diametrically opposed ever since. In Formula 1's Post-Race show, former teammate of Verstappen, Alexander Albon, looks back on the crash.

"This has been brewing since the first race of the championship. It always seems like Lewis had a good jump on Max. The Mercedes seems to be good on the straights," Albon begins as he watches the replay of the start. Heading towards Copse Corner, the Thai notices Verstappen not closing the door completely, allowing Hamilton to pass.

Other penalties because of title fight?

"Part of me thinks that Max should’ve closed the corner, to prevent Lewis from going for the gap. Lewis drifted a little bit wider, collected Max and it was a big crash". Albon explains that last year, together with the FIA, they decided to consistently hand out penalties for accidents.

"As drivers, we agreed on consistent penalty’s and we have seen that crashes have been awarded with a ten-second penalty. But when it comes to the heat of the moment with championships, it creates tension. Now Lewis is closer to Max in the title fight," Albon suggesting that other penalties should be possible in such a case.

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