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Red Bull hire lawyer to investigate action against Hamilton says Marko
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Red Bull hire lawyer to investigate action against Hamilton says Marko

20-07-2021 10:50 Last update: 11:01


Helmut Marko has suggested Red Bull Racing have hired a lawyer to investigate the punishment of Lewis Hamilton. Helmut Marko told Austria's Kronen Zeitung. Marko is still angry after the incident.

Lawyer for Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen were in such good shape prior to the British Grand Prix. In both championships they had a large margin, but with the retirement of Verstappen that lead has disappeared completely. Red Bull is now investigating whether a heavier penalty can still be imposed on Hamilton, with the help of a lawyer.

''He [the lawyer] has to investigate what we can do in such a situation within the frameworks of sports law,'' the Austrian argues. ''It was fortunate that nothing serious happened to Max. The car, and possibly the engine, are broken. You can't let that happen. A suspension (for Hamilton) would be justified."

Rash action from Hamilton

The ten second penalty did not go down well with Marko. "That's ridiculous, but maybe it's the fault of the regulations. The regulations need to be reviewed, as well as the stewards' system. Perez gets two five-second penalties for marginal contact where no one flies off. You could have given a ten-second penalty plus drive-through for Hamilton, but they didn't.''

''Max was on the racing line where Hamilton was, so he has to get off the gas. You can't drive into your opponent's rear wheel in one of the fastest corners. The slightest touch has fatal consequences. It's an irresponsible action. Hamilton should know what the consequences are'', concludes an angry Marko.

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