Jos Verstappen furious at Wolff: 'He doesn't need to call anymore'

19-07-2021 17:46 | Updated: 20-07-2021 09:05
Jos Verstappen furious at Wolff: 'He doesn't need to call anymore'

Jos Verstappen has revealed he doesn't need to see or speak to Toto Wolff for a while. The relationship between the two has been excellent for years, but that is no longer the case according to the Dutchman.

While Verstappen was in hospital for tests after the huge crash on the opening lap, Hamilton and Mercedes celebrated the victory in a big way. There was no attention for the Dutch Red Bull-driver and Jos didn't like that at all.

Jos angry at Wolff

"You don't celebrate your victory with such euphoria if your colleague is still in hospital. And as for Toto Wolff: we've had good contact for years, he kept calling and putting honey around our mouths. I think everyone knows why he didn't contact us yesterday," said Verstappen senior, venting his frustrations in conversation with F1-Insider.

Wolff has spoken to Jos Verstappen many times about Max's services. The 49-year old Austrian has always been a fan of the now 23-year old Verstappen and has tried to contract him to Mercedes in the past.

Mercedes does not need to call Verstappen

What bothers Jos most is that Mercedes criticised Verstappen's aggressive driving style, despite the fact that Wolff has always praised the Dutchman's driving style. "Now he doesn't have to call anymore either", Verstappen senior concluded.

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