Albers: 'You see that Hamilton is not giving Verstappen that space anymore'

19-07-2021 14:01 | Updated: 19-07-2021 14:20
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Albers: 'You see that Hamilton is not giving Verstappen that space anymore'

The opinions about the collision between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are divided in two camps. One camp sees it as a racing incident, the other camp as a gross error on Hamilton's part. Chistijan Albers is clearly in the first camp.

Formula 1 is no picnic

In the Formula 1 podcast by The Telegaaf, Albers says that these incidents are a part of Formula 1. "Formula 1 drivers are paid to flame," judges the former F1 driver. "That is also the case in the first round. They are not there to have a picnic. When I look at it from the sidelines, it's just a pure racing incident."

"Everyone has to give their maximum and that's what you're there for as a driver," Albers continued. "This is a serious job where there is a lot at stake for teams and sponsors. Hamilton and Verstappen are battling it out for the world title with both not giving an inch."

Verstappen admits nothing to Hamilton

According to Albers, from Saturday, when Verstappen overtook Hamilton at the start of the sprint race, the clash on the opening lap was bound to happen. "Max is a killer and he doesn't give an inch, Lewis knows that too. We've seen all season that he doesn't concede anything to Hamilton, while Lewis sometimes just takes the bull by the horns. There will be times now when Lewis won't give him that space anymore, when he shows he's a seven-time world champion."

Verstappen hits back in Hungary

The Hungarian Grand Prix is scheduled for two weeks from now and that's when Verstappen will hit back hard, Albers believes. "I think Verstappen will have forgotten about it soon and will be able to turn it around again. He has to be careful not to overdo it and prove he's the best. I think Red Bull and Max are going to flame again in Hungary."

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