Leclerc: 'Most important thing is that Verstappen is unharmed'

19-07-2021 12:56 | Updated: 19-07-2021 16:23
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Leclerc: 'Most important thing is that Verstappen is unharmed'

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton battled for first place on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix, and tt resulted in a collision between the two drivers, with Verstappen having to abandon the race.

Charles Leclerc had an excellent view of the incident from his position, but was unable to say much about the moment during the FIA press conference. "It is very difficult to judge it from the car; we are very low. So it’s difficult to see. Everything went very quick. Obviously I could see there was quite a bit of things going around in front of me. And yeah, I think it’s a racing incident."

The Ferrari driver believes Hamilton and Verstappen both took a risk. "Obviously there was space on the inside. Maybe Lewis was not completely at the apex but it’s also true that Max was quite aggressive on the outside. So, things happen, so what is the most important today is that Max is unharmed and is fine."

Excellent race Leclerc

Leclerc put in an excellent race at Silverstone. The driver led for almost every lap, but was unable to keep Hamilton at bay in the closing stages of the race. He ended the race in an impressive P2, his first podium of the season.

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