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Lando Norris on fourth-place finish: 'I can't be not satisfied'

Lando Norris on fourth-place finish: 'I can't be not satisfied'

18-07-2021 17:55

Lando Norris continued his form of scoring in every race this season with a fourth-place finish in today's British Grand Prix. This week has been a tough one for the young Brit, following the incident at Wembley Stadium, but he was still able to secure a strong points finish and move up to third in the Drivers' Standings.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the race, the McLaren driver expressed his happiness with the result but admits it still could've been stronger.

"I can't be not satisfied. Fourth and fifth is good for the team. I had a very good race until the pitstop. We held Valtteri off for a long period of time especially when they are a lot quicker than us."

Norris was running ahead of Valtteri Bottas in second place before a pit-stop error gave the Finn the advantage. When questioned about whether or not a podium finish was possible, he admitted that it potentially was there but also would've been tough.

"Whether or not I would have finished on the podium, I don't know but battling for it would have been great in front of the crowd."

When informed that he had moved up to third in the Drivers' Standings, a one-line response was all that was needed from the young Brit as he said, "I have no idea how I am still third in the championship."

Intense battle with Ferrari

Finally, Norris was asked about the strength of the Ferrari's and whether or not they will be stronger in Budapest, to which the McLaren driver expressed the tough battle that will be on show soon.

"Considering Charles was second and Carlos was as fast as he was. Its damage limitation. A lot of positives. A lot of good things but Ferrari was very strong this weekend.

"Some of the advantages that Ferrari have here, they won't necessarily have them in Budapest but they also have a good car in the corners and there are quite a few corners there. It's a decent track for us and it will be close."

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