Brawn happy with sprint race: 'Three days of action'.

18-07-2021 08:01 | Updated: 18-07-2021 08:50
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Brawn happy with sprint race: 'Three days of action'.

Formula 1 's first-ever sprint race took place yesterday, where one-third of the distance of the regular Grand Prix was driven to determine the starting grid for the main race. Max Verstappen seemed to have the faster car and easily passed Lewis Hamilton.

The sprint race will be trialled at two more races this year. If successful it will be introduced at more races in 2022. F1 boss Ross Brawn is in any case satisfied with what he has seen, he tells the BBC.

"There was lots of action," Brawn said. "People are now understanding it's a complete weekend. We had a great day yesterday, we've had a great day today, and I'm sure we're going to have a great day tomorrow. So three days of action. And I don't believe we have diluted it at any stage; we've only added to it."

Some improvements according to Brawn

From Sunday evening, there will be discussions about the sprint race and any improvements, although according to Brawn these will be nothing major. "We will go away and review everything, take some time, talk to the teams and drivers, discuss it with the FIA and see if there are things we can polish, but I don't think we should change anything fundamentally. I think the concept is good."

"The terminology of the event is a little challenging. Some people call it sprint qualifying, some call it a sprint race, we need to tidy up things like that. There are things we need to evolve, but nothing major," Brawn finished.

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