Sainz predicts problematic weekend for Ferrari: 'We expect to suffer'

15-07-2021 19:36 | Updated: 15-07-2021 20:28
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Sainz predicts problematic weekend for Ferrari: 'We expect to suffer'

With Formula 1 's first sprint qualifying session on the horizon, the question remains how much risk the drivers will take during this shorter race. Will the drivers be careful, or will their racing instincts take over when the lights go out on Saturday? In the case of Carlos Sainz, it will be the latter, as confirmed by the driver himself.

"I think that during the Sprint Qualifying I will think little in the first 7 corners", the Ferrari driver acknowledged in conversation with "I can say for myself that in the first corners I will not think about the next day's race."

Problem weekend

Nevertheless, Sainz doesn't fancy his chances at Silverstone. The Ferrari's problematic form in terms of both balance and tyre management is still throwing a spanner in the works and is not helped by Friday's single free practice session in England.

Sainz explains: "There will be less free practice and it certainly won't help. For me, who knows little about Ferrari, having just one free session before qualifying will be difficult."

"The fact that Ferrari is stronger in the race I don't think will help us in the Sprint Qualifying", predicts Sainz. " The competitiveness we have seen in the race as far as the SF21 is concerned was linked to the characteristics of the track. Silverstone is a track similar to Paul Ricard. So we expect to suffer with the front tires in the race."

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