Perez reacts to Austria fiasco: "You're always smarter with hindsight"

15-07-2021 16:56 | Updated: 15-07-2021 18:19
Perez reacts to Austria fiasco: You're always smarter with hindsight

Sergio Perez will be out for revenge after a rather messy Austrian Grand Prix. The Mexican became entangled in a fight with Lando Norris, who sent him to the gravel trap. The frustration was palpable, as Perez was given not one, but two penalties in the remainder of the race. As a result Max Verstappen again had little use for his teammate and the Mexican didn't help his team advance in the Constructors' Championship either.

Aftermath of Austria

The organizers of the press conferences seem to have a sense of drama. Therefore, it is not surprising that Perez in this case can sit next to Charles Leclerc, the driver with whom he had more than one key moment within Austria. The Austria story has since been settled. "All is forgiven and forgotten," Leclerc stressed again.

Perez again showed remorse: "I should have avoided hitting him there, the penalty was right. I couldn't do much about the second one, I was pushing and lost the car in the corner. But it was a very bad race for me." The Mexican also reacts to his battle with Norris early in the race: "It didn't go the way I had hoped - but I had to try, otherwise my race would have suffered. In hindsight, you are always smarter."


For Leclerc, the weekend is a great reunion with the track where he last managed to get on the podium, and that was after last year's race. "I just like it here. With these cars through these really fast corners, Maggotts, Becketts, Copse. I love the rhythm. It's one of my strongest circuits over the years and I'm hoping for a good weekend."

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