Brundle: "Mercedes have to come back at them hard and fast"

10-07-2021 07:20 | Updated: 10-07-2021 10:50
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Brundle: Mercedes have to come back at them hard and fast

With five wins in five races, Red Bull Racing have a very strong momentum going. With Max Verstappen leading both championships, the gap to Mercedes is closing with each race. According to Martin Brundle, it is therefore important that Lewis Hamilton wins races to stay in the title race.

"I think it’s critical now," Brundle explained in conversation with Sky Sports. "We’re already nine races into the season. Max could’ve easily won the last five races and won four of the five, obviously, he had the puncture in Baku". Only in Baku did he not manage to win, but there Sergio Perez managed to secure victory for the Austrian team.

Hamilton will have to win

"He dominated the second Austria race and in Paul-Ricard he had the car too. So Red Bull and Verstappen are the favourites for the title and Mercedes have to come back at them hard and fast," Brundle expects.

With the 2022 regulations set to change, Brundle expects the teams to focus more and more on these changes. "I think Lewis will struggle this year, thinking he doesn’t have the speed in his car to match Red Bull," Brundle concludes.

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