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Brundle hints at alternatives for cancelled Australian GP

Brundle hints at alternatives for cancelled Australian GP

06-07-2021 18:56 Last update: 22:06


What many already feared has come true today: the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park will definitely not take place. The volatile COVID19 situation on the continent has made the organisers decide to put a stop to the Grand Prix that normally is the start of a new Formula 1 season.

Albert Park

Last year's Australian Grand Prix was the setting for a surreal spectacle. Despite the pandemic spreading around the world, the organisers initially swore the race would go ahead but had to change their minds a few days later, shortly before the start of the weekend. All the teams, drivers and fans had settled down, but the verdict was harsh: no race in Melbourne.

This year a buffer was built in by not scheduling the race first, but even after the change of date the decision was taken. According to Martin Brundle, Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali still wants 23 races to be held this year, which of course brings a lot of guesswork by the fans.

Brundle's prognosis

The British former driver says to Sky Sports: "I know Mugello has a chance as a reserve. Maybe the Nürnburgring. Maybe we'll get a second race at Bahrain again. There was also talk of a double race at COTA in Austin. It was clear that a race in Melbourne was not going to happen. There are still races planned in countries on the red list. Brazil is not certain yet either. It's a hell of a job for F1, and every day they are juggling around like crazy."

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