Horner: "I didn't have many problems with Norris' move at Pérez"

05-07-2021 06:16
by GPblog.com
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Horner: I didn't have many problems with Norris' move at Pérez

Christian Horner disagrees with the actions of the race committee in penalising Lando Norris and Sergio Pérez for their moves while overtaking Pérez and Charles Leclerc respectively. The Red Bull Racing team boss believes this is part of racing.

Pérez was not the luckiest driver on the circuit during the Austrian Grand Prix. The Mexican driver tried to overtake Norris in the beginning of the race, but ended up on the outside. Norris then hit him, forcing Pérez to give up a few places. Race direction decided to give Norris a time penalty of five seconds.

"I didn't have many problems with Lando's move at Checo," Horner judged against among others Motorsport.com. "If you go via the outside, then you are simply taking a risk. But when the FIA issued a penalty for that, there was no way back. Then they had no choice but to also hand out penalties for similar actions [by Pérez] at Charles."

Pérez time penalty

The Mexican fought back during the race, but during an overtaking move by Leclerc, Pérez made a mistake and also got a time penalty. Horner finds it hard to understand. "It also doesn't quite fit with the philosophy of recent years, where we actually give drivers more freedom to race," he said.

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