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First F1 2021 ratings known: are there any surprises?

First F1 2021 ratings known: are there any surprises?

30-06-2021 18:59 Last update: 20:54


The new F1 game will soon be in the shops. This is always an interesting moment for the fans, because while people on social media never agree on which driver is better than the other, the drivers in the game have been given a rating. The question is: are there any surprises? And do the drivers agree with their rating?

Raikkonen rates Giovinazzi highly

In a new video on the channel of Formula 1 we see teammates trying to guess their ratings between each other. We see Giovinazzi thinks his experienced teammate, Kimi Raikkonen should get a 99. This number also seems to be consistent with the real number for Raikkonen, who indeed has no shortage of experience, but also gives his teammate a 99. On the other hand, Yuki Tsunoda gets only a 5 from his teammate Pierre Gasly because the young Japanese has only driven 8 races in Formula 1 in his career. This turns out to be slightly on the low side: Tsunoda has a 43 for experience.

When it comes to pure technical racing, Raikkonen appears to have a 99 in store for Giovinazzi once again. The popular Finn obviously doesn't take it all very seriously again and decides to give his teammate the highest possible score for everything. Another criteria for the rating is the awareness on the track. George Russell decides to give his teammate Latifi a 0, but after some discussion decides to raise it a bit. Russell can't hide his pride when he sees that he himself actually gets a 99 in this area from the makers of the game.

Painful moment Latifi

The final criteria is pure speed. The Alfa Romeo drivers decide not to shortchange each other again: 99. At Williams it is a bit of a shock for Latifi, who only sees a 65 for his pure speed: the lowest in the video. In this video only the ratings of the drivers in the video are announced. For the ratings of Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen we will have to wait another week.

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