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Red Bull fuel improves reliability: 'More profit in the future'.

Red Bull fuel improves reliability: 'More profit in the future'.

30-06-2021 14:27 Last update: 16:40


It's clear to everyone that Red Bull Racing have made great strides in recent weeks. With five wins in a row they dominate the Constructors' Championship. The team's explanation is the car's rear wing, but is that the only thing?

Motorsport.com spoke to Tomek Young, manager of ExxonMobil who is Red Bull's fuel supplier. The new oil they introduced in Baku was remarkable in that it used chemicals not normally found in motorsport, namely from the cosmetics industry. This creates a protective layer on the metal parts which protects the engine against damage from extreme heat and wear, it says on the site.

"These new components were incorporated as they were found to offer many benefits, including stronger interactions with metal surfaces and lower friction, helping deliver maximum power while offering protection and fuel efficiency," Young told the site.

Young continued: "What was a long shot a few years ago - a vision of a low ash, high temperature, low friction engine oil that incorporates bio-based components became a reality this year, thanks to the efforts of our whole team, in collaboration with Honda and Red Bull."

First step towards winning for Red Bull

At first glance, the oil in the car may not seem important for top speed, but under current regulations it improves friction and increases reliability. As a result, the engines can be kept revving for longer. However, the introduction of this oil is only the first step to further engine gains for Honda and Red Bull.

Young reveals: "We made this oil so unusual that the engine can potentially run even harder down the road. So further optimizations to the aerodynamics and to the operating conditions will be possible."

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