Former F1 driver: 'Mercedes can still get a lot out of behaviour and data'
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Former F1 driver: 'Mercedes can still get a lot out of behaviour and data'

28-06-2021 13:44 Last update: 14:47

Sergey Sirotkin believes Red Bull Racing's RB16B currently has the upper hand in Formula 1, although he does not discount Mercedes for the world title. According to the Russian driver, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas' team could still improve by a few tenths without major updates this season.

"But don't underestimate the performance of Max Verstappen. No matter how easy it looks from the outside, it never is", Sirotkin told According to the former Formula 1 driver, you need to be focused at all times. "There is always something going on in a Formula One car, there is always something that a driver has to manage to keep the pace. It's about keeping your concentration, not worrying too much about the end result."

Toto Wolff indicated after the Styrian Grand Prix that Mercedes has stopped developing the W12 further. "Mercedes has probably figured out that there is little more to gain in terms of major upgrades. As a driver and team you still have ways to get faster on track, you keep learning during the season. I think without changing the 'hardware' of the car, they can still get a lot out of the behaviour and data to gain more speed," he warns Red Bull.

Red Bull the favourite

Mercedes will have a tough job with the Austrian opponent, that's for sure. "Red Bull looks more consistent under all circumstances; they have just that bit more performance. They are faster on the straights, and that remains the easiest way to gain lap time. If I had to bet, at the moment, I would put my money on Max."

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