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HOT TAKE: Different track limits only cause irritation

HOT TAKE: Different track limits only cause irritation

25-06-2021 21:38


Formula 1 is all about speed. However, the times of the drivers are often reduced by the so-called track limits. This has also been the case in Austria.

Track Limits are about preventing drivers from crossing the line with four wheels in certain areas of the track. If they do, their lap time will be removed during the session. In the race a driver can get a warning for this.

Last week during the French GP there was a lot of fuss about the yellow kerbstones. These are used to stop drivers from crossing the line, but it caused damage to the floor of cars like Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas. The teams were not happy about this.

Track limits irritate the drivers

This weekend there are also strict track limits in Austria. During the free practice we saw plenty of times disappear because drivers crossed the line in turns 9 and 10. According to Michael Masi the track limits should not cause problems because 'the drivers know where the limit is'.

It is understandable that drivers can't just cut the track where they want, but track limits often cause controversy. On every track they look different. There is no consistency. In France there are yellow kerbstones, at another circuit the FIA works with a sensor and in Austria there is a gravel strip.

In a sport that is all about setting the fastest time, it is a shame that times are taken away because drivers drive just over the limit. If the race direction really wants to prevent drivers from crossing the line, they should be consistent and use a gravel trap for example. This ensures that a driver is careful, without causing unnecessary damage to the car. What do you think, do track limits only cause unnecessary irritation for drivers? Let your voice be heard in the poll and the comments.

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