'I know the chances of me winning five world titles are getting smaller'

24-06-2021 08:32 | Updated: 24-06-2021 10:14
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'I know the chances of me winning five world titles are getting smaller'

Daniel Ricciardo is in his eleventh season in Formula 1 and turns 32 on July 1. Time is ticking for the Australian who is still in the hunt for a world title. At McLaren, it has to happen though.

Future world champion?

Ricciardo made his Formula 1 debut with HRT in 2011 at a relatively late age, and perhaps also needed a little more time with his move from Australia to Europe. However, the man of the big smile has become an integral part of F1. He has a phenomenal overtaking ability, and some see him as a future world champion.

''I am already in my thirties. I want to drive here as long as I can. My age doesn't make me slower, at least not now and not in the coming years. If I stay hungry and dedicated still, I can keep the door open to an eventual title. I'm aware that the chances of me winning five more titles are getting smaller and smaller. But to win one, I still have enough time. And McLaren is definitely the team where my ambition lies. I hope to achieve many successes this period,'' says Ricciardo to Motorsport.com.

Ricciardo is always happy

Ricciardo has yet to find his top form at McLaren, but the atmosphere is upbeat. ''They are doing everything to get those last percentages out. And they are open to everything. They haven't won a title for a long time but they are constantly trying to get better, to evolve, to keep up with the times. That mindset creates a nice energy within the team. And that's really cool.''

Ricciardo, however, provides an upbeat input throughout. ''Maybe it's my personality but I've had fun in every environment. In the last part of 2018, my last races at Red Bull, I was a bit more down and frustrated but that was more because of the bad luck we had that year. That had nothing to do with the team around me,'' concludes the McLaren driver.

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