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Ricciardo is struggling: 'It takes a lot more effort now'

Ricciardo is struggling: 'It takes a lot more effort now'

23-06-2021 12:24 Last update: 14:19


Daniel Ricciardo had an excellent race during the GP of France. The Australian qualified in tenth place, but after some great overtaking during the race he finished sixth. However, the former Red Bull driver knows there is room for improvement.

"In terms of results, I don't give myself too high a grade. I'd rather not say what I think because then I sound pretty dramatic! But there is definitely, definitely room for improvement. On a more positive note: I give myself an A for my performance off the track," he tells in an interview with Motorsport.com.

"The results have nothing to do with me not trying. I definitely feel like I put the necessary energy into it. That will come out at a certain point and then we can show it. But on the track... well, I don't know. A five. And I definitely want to improve that."

Ricciardo having a difficult time

The switch to McLaren is not going smoothly for Ricciardo. He has to get used to his new car and in the races team mate Lando Norris is still the fastest. Ricciardo tells that he is going through the most difficult time of his career:

"Partly yes. But it's funny because look at Bahrain, I was ahead of Lando [Norris] in qualifying. I was the only driver on a new team to do that. That's funny because that first race you would rate with a 10. But at the moment it's just uncharted territory."

"In the past, especially in qualifying, I could always set the required lap time relatively easily at the right time. And now that requires a lot more effort. So it's much more challenging. I'm confident though that my numbers will go up during the year. So don't panic, my friends," Ricciardo concludes. He is not giving up yet.

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