Sainz on weekend so far: 'It's been challenging for sure'

19-06-2021 16:13
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Sainz on weekend so far: 'It's been challenging for sure'

Carlos Sainz finished qualifying today with the label of the best of the rest. The Ferrari driver qualified in P5 behind only the drivers from Red Bull and Mercedes in first to fourth. He finished ahead of his teammate, as Charles Leclerc was only able to best a seventh-place finish after claiming the last two pole positions. However, it wasn't an easy session for the Spaniard.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Sainz explained how the tyre's and grip were a key factor in the performance this weekend for himself.

"It's been challenging for sure. The tyre at such a high grip is always easy to overslip the fronts and feel like you are having understeer.

"You are really having to control your inputs to try and get the peak of the front tyre and not overslip it. It's tough because when you push, you push too much and go over it. This weekend I have felt comfortable though."

Focus on the future

Sainz then went on to admit that the current season has less of an impact on the team compared to the future and all is focussed on success next season.

"So far this year, apart from bringing fine-tunings to the car, no big upgrades have been made. All the focus is on next year.

"We want to do the next step next year and so far this year we have managed to progress in understanding the car. We have changed little bits that are making the car quicker."

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