Verstappen loses part of front wing in FP2

18-06-2021 14:26 | Updated: 18-06-2021 14:51
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Verstappen loses part of front wing in FP2

Max Verstappen has suffered damage to his front wing during the second free practice for the French Grand Prix. The Dutchman drove a little too far over the kerbs, causing him to lose a piece of his front wing.

The Dutchman had been on the track for just fifteen minutes when the incident occurred. The team then quickly called him in, as part of his front wing was found on the track. Red Bull Racing asked Michael Masi to return the piece of front wing because of the team's limited stock. The following exchanged occurred on the team radio. 

Red Bull: "Michael, we're a little short of those bits of car, would be great if we could get that back.

"Masi: "No problem at all, we'll get that back to you at the end of the session"

Verstappen third for now

Verstappen is doing well in France for the time being. While Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are currently setting the two fastest times, the Dutch driver follows close behind. In the first free practice he also drove the third fastest time.

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