Tost thinks he knows where the tyre problems come from: 'Should be banned'

18-06-2021 12:54 | Updated: 18-06-2021 14:04
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Tost thinks he knows where the tyre problems come from: 'Should be banned'

After the crashes of Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the major question was what the cause was behind the tyres breaking down. Some pointed to Pirelli, while Pirelli blamed the teams' low tyre pressure. There are also some voices in the paddock saying that it is due to the tyre warmers, which regulate the temperature of the tyres.

According to Franz Tost, AlphaTauri team principal, it could very well be that the tyre warmers played a part in Stroll and Verstappen's broken tyres."I indicated three years ago that they should be banned. However, many other teams were against that, because everyone thought they would have an advantage through a special trick," Tost explained to Auto, Motor und Sport.

Tyre warmers the problem?

Tost therefore points to the FIA, that the tyre warmers are the cause of the problem."The problems are actually self-made. There are several reasons against the tyre warmers. Firstly the technology and secondly the durability". The tyre warmers are on continuously to keep the tires from getting too cold.

"You should see how many tire warmers are plugged in overnight. Thirdly, the cost. I signed a contract for 2022 around the tyre warmers and it came to 375,000 euros," Tost concluded. If the tyre problems can really be traced back to the tyre warmers, then the FIA has plenty of reasons to abolish them, according to Tost.

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