Alpine has modified flexi-wing: "We're not at all happy with that"

17-06-2021 18:56 | Updated: 17-06-2021 19:32
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Alpine has modified flexi-wing: We're not at all happy with that

So far, the so-called 'flexi-wings' seem to be the dominant story of 2021 in the paddock. In Paul Ricard this should come to an end, because from the French Grand Prix onwards the FIA will test the wings more strictly.

All the teams that were on edge with their flexible wings were told about a month ago that the FIA would be testing them rigorously in France. Red Bull Racing already arrived in Baku with a new rear wing, while Alpine's Executive Director Marcin Budkowski reveals that Alpine will come with a new wing at the team's home race.

New rear wing not wanted by Alpine

Budkowski reveals that the rear wing did not have to be completely rebuilt. "But we did make significant changes to the design. These are rather complex, structural elements that are subjected to enormous loads," he is quoted by

Budkowski is not very happy with the modifications to the A521, as changing a rear wing is not something you do easily. "That cost us resources and money. We're not at all happy about that, as we would have preferred to invest it elsewhere. But the FIA is allowed to change these tests during the season."

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