Horner says: "We had to restructure the whole team"

17-06-2021 17:41 | Updated: 17-06-2021 19:35
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Horner says: We had to restructure the whole team

Formula 1 has seen a lot of changes in recent years. Where there are still a few big teams in charge, they should come closer to each other in the future. Christian Horner sees it as a necessary change, although he also notices the consequences for the big teams.

"It's a big challenge, especially for the big teams, and I include McLaren and Alpine in that," he told Auto, Motor und Sport. "Even AlphaTauri is getting to the finish line, because they get a discount on the parts they get from us. We have had to restructure the whole team. It's also a distraction because it affects every department. But the bottom line is that it's a healthy move for this sport. Even if some parts don't make sense yet."

Horner is referring to some details in the enforcement of the policy. "For example, about what counts towards the cost cap and what doesn't. There is a discussion about whether a gym is part of it. Why should we be penalized for it if it has always been there and we use it to do something good for our employees. I think it will take two years to agree on all the details and make everything go smoothly."

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