Russell clarifies current situation with Mercedes

17-06-2021 14:46 | Updated: 17-06-2021 15:11
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Russell clarifies current situation with Mercedes

It's one of the big talking points heading into 2022; where will George Russell drive next season. Will he stay at Williams, replace Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes or maybe go somewhere else entirely?

The driver has a rather sober view on the rumours he hears. Russell says he is enjoying his time at Williams and does not yet know what he will decide for next season. "Nothing is fixed for next year yet. I'm a Williams driver and I haven't signed a contract yet for after that," he told the press conference, among others.

Russell stressed that he is obviously going to concern himself with next season, but that this is not yet the right time to do so. "Of course I want to figure out my future. Usually these things happen in the summer holidays. I just enjoy that curiosity of not knowing what the future holds for me."

Rumours about Bottas

The rumours have everything to do with the possible departure of Bottas. The Finnish driver has failed to meet the sky-high expectations at Mercedes for years, while he has seen his teammate Lewis Hamilton consistently become world champion in recent years. Despite this Mercedes states that it is also possible that Bottas will get a new contract for next season.

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