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Pérez to battle: 'Red Bull is totally different from what I know'

Pérez to battle: 'Red Bull is totally different from what I know'

15-06-2021 18:33 Last update: 21:18


Sergio Pérez captured his first win for Red Bull Racing at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The Mexican driver was fortunate that Max Verstappen had to leave the track due to a blowout and that Lewis Hamilton was at fault, but Pérez's strong race was not to be ignored either.

The driver of the Austrian racing team received a lot of criticism for his performances in the opening phase of the season. Where his teammate was battling with Hamilton for the first place in the world championship, Pérez stayed far behind. Despite this, he managed to keep himself strong and focused on the races.

Secret of Pérez

The Mexican says in an interview with Auto, Motor und Sport that it was not easy for him to get used to his new car. Therefore, he needs time in the coming months to reach a constant level. "The Red Bull is totally different from what I know. I had to learn everything from scratch. The biggest secret is to get the most out of the tyres."

Pérez showed this clearly in the past races. "The new tyres tend to give much more understeer. When you think you have it under control, the temperature or the wind changes and you start all over again."

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