Indianapolis not a candidate for second Formula 1 race in America

15-06-2021 06:56 | Updated: 15-06-2021 08:58
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Indianapolis not a candidate for second Formula 1 race in America

The 2021 Formula 1 calendar is far from fixed. The cancelled race in Singapore will certainly not be the last, so other options are being considered. Indianapolis was mentioned as a candidate, but that will not happen.

On the current F1 calendar there are still some races that might be cancelled. A Grand Prix in Brazil is not conceivable at this moment and there are question marks over a GP in Japan. The replacement for Brazil seems the easiest to solve in America. A second race in Austin, or even back to Indianapolis.

No Indianapolis in F1

It was all hinted at earlier, but to Jenna Fryer of The Associated Press Sports, Roger Penske, the boss of the Indianapolis Circuit, has revealed that there are no talks about this. ''We're not in the position for that right now. We'll always keep talking, but the financial side has to work for both sides, and so we're not in discussions right now.''

The circuit's CEO does suggest another option for Stefano Domenicali. ''They have to get that Miami thing done. We're interested, but have no plans for now.'' Bobby Epstein responded earlier about a possible second race in Austin. That seems like the most logical candidate, since F1 is going to be there anyway.

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