Aston Martin want to attack Mercedes and Red Bull through budget cap

14-06-2021 20:38 | Updated: 14-06-2021 21:08
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Aston Martin want to attack Mercedes and Red Bull through budget cap

Aston Martin F1 received a trophy for the first time in Baku as a result of Sebastian Vettel's impressive second place finish. We have previously reported that the team has lofty ambitions and wants to win the championship within five years. The introduction of the budget cap could play an important role in this.

Budget cap

As of this year, Formula One teams are only allowed to spend $145 million thanks to the budget cap. In the coming years, this amount will fall even further: in 2022, the ceiling will be lowered to $140 million and in 2023 it will be $135 million. That's where opportunities lie for Aston Martin, according to Chief Financial Officer Robert Yeowart.

In a press conference in front of a select group of journalists, including, Yeowart said, "We're a bit different to some of the other teams. The big three [Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari] have to adapt and come down, whereas we plan our future size to be in line with the cost cap, so we're actually growing towards it."

Loopholes in the net

Yeowart says that the teams' finance offices now have to find the loopholes in the regulations in a similar way to how many have done since the sport's inception. "They absolutely know how to discover all the little loopholes and wrinkles, and yes, I think that's going to be something that's really interesting for us. It's about understanding what you're spending the money on, how you find the best ratio of money to lap time. Whoever does that well, they make sure they've used their money the best."

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