Grosjean makes Pirelli joke: 'Our tyres don't degrade, we have Michelin'

12-06-2021 18:24 | Updated: 12-06-2021 20:51
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Grosjean makes Pirelli joke: 'Our tyres don't degrade, we have Michelin'

During the first of the Indycar doubleheader in Detroit, former teammates Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen reminisced and caught up in a video on Michelin Racing's Twitter page. Grosjean also manages to deliver a tasteful Pirelli joke.

"The car here is less fast, less downforce", is how Grosjean begins the comparison between Formula 1 and Indycar, the driving class he has now joined. During the first race in Detroit, the Frenchman will start from the third position.

Magnussen, who currently competes for Chip Ganassi Racing in IMSA, also sees differences, especially in the handling: "Formula 1 cars, even the Haas, drove really well. So it's not difficult to drive it."

Magnussen not only notices a difference in handling, tire degradation is also experienced differently in other racing classes: "We don't have degradation here," he notes. Grosjean jumps in, with what seems like a Pirelli joke after the Grand Prix weekend in Baku: "We use Michelin, so that's no surprise."

Chronic pain

The two also chat about the injuries Grosjean suffered during his dramatic crash in Bahrain in 2020. The Frenchman explains that he is awaiting a skin graft and that he suffers from chronic pain. Despite this, the injuries have been limited to the outside of his hand, and he is fortunately still able to race.

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