Hamilton's comments don't go down well: 'Every new driver receives support'

11-06-2021 18:54 | Updated: 11-06-2021 20:36
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Hamilton's comments don't go down well: 'Every new driver receives support'

Earlier this season Lewis Hamilton made a comment about the current state of Formula 1. He said the sport could now be characterised as a 'kids club for billionaire's sons'. Nikita Mazepin goes against the comments of the world champion.

According to Hamilton the accessibility of the sport decreases and it is easier for drivers with rich parents to enter Formula 1. Examples are drivers like Lance Stroll, Nicholas Latifi and also Nikita Mazepin. They all come from a family with a large fortune, something that helped them reach F1 according to Hamilton. In an interview with sports.ru, the Haas driver says the following:

"Every new driver in Formula One has received support from sponsors. Some make energy drinks, another is the richest man in Mexico. They are all people who are on the grid today and we can start talking about them all as well," Mazepin said.

Relationship between Hamilton and Mazepin fine

Even though the Haas driver disagrees with Hamilton's statements, he says there are no personal problems: "We have always had a good relationship. We don't talk a lot, but in the paddock everyone is nice to each other so I don't feel any negativity," he concludes.

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