Former Mercedes boss: 'Schumacher would have been very successful as team boss'

11-06-2021 10:55 | Updated: 11-06-2021 11:48
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Former Mercedes boss: 'Schumacher would have been very successful as team boss'

Michael Schumacher was very successful as a Formula 1 driver with seven world titles, but would also have been very successful as a team boss. That is the opinion of Norbert Haug, former team boss of Mercedes.

Schumacher won no less than seven world titles in his active F1 career. In 2020 that record was equalled by Lewis Hamilton, but otherwise, there is no driver who comes close to Schumacher's numbers. The German was successful in the car, but according to Haug also outside of it.

Schumacher as team boss

''He would have been a top manager. I think he would have been no less successful outside the car. He worked just as hard on his personal development, as he did on the track. He spoke English, was super fit, smart and always full of energy," says Toto Wolff's predecessor at Auto, Motor und Sport.

Haug particularly cites social skills as an important trait. ''It was a very good mate. Michael was always empathetic and thought along with mechanics and other team members to motivate them. He knew their birthdays and asked about family and children'', Haug concludes. Unfortunately, due to his skiing accident, we will probably never find out if Schumacher could indeed do this well.

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