Alonso not happy with criticism on performances: "I don't think it was fair"

10-06-2021 20:21 | Updated: 10-06-2021 23:21
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Alonso not happy with criticism on performances: I don't think it was fair

Until the Baku race, Fernando Alonso was not a shadow of the man who won the 2005 and 2006 World Championships with Renault and more often than not battled it out with a soapbox of a Ferrari for the podium. Even in his horror season with McLaren-Honda, the Spaniard simply held off team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne in the qualifying duel and in the Driver Standings, where he is now often beaten by Esteban Ocon. In Baku, however, he finished strongly. Could this mean the turnaround?


It will come as no surprise to anyone that after the restart, no camera was focused on Alonso. Indeed, there was plenty of action upfront. Still, the former World Champion managed to drive cleverly from 10th to sixth place in those two laps. He says about that to "I think between Monaco and here we worked on the car to understand our problems and analyze why we didn't get the best out of the tires in Monaco."

Nevertheless, the proud Asturian has also faced criticism. "The general opinion was that I lost a lot of time compared to my teammate, even compared to other drivers who changed teams this year, Daniel or whoever," said Alonso.

No worries

Alonso doesn't think the criticism makes sense and once again alludes to the fact that he needed a few races. "I don't think it was fair because I think there is a big difference between what others have experienced and what I have experienced. I knew it was just a matter of time. This time it went well, but I think there's more to come. I'm not worried about my performance."

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