Ricciardo after Baku and Monaco: 'This is why it didn't go well there'

10-06-2021 16:53 | Updated: 10-06-2021 23:08
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Ricciardo after Baku and Monaco: 'This is why it didn't go well there'

It hasn't been a great time for Daniel Ricciardo over the last two weekends. Normally the Australian excels on street circuits, but in both Monaco and Baku he was rather invisible. That while Lando Norris showed two fantastic races.

According to him, the fact that Ricciardo's performance wasn't that great was more down to the situation he's currently in with McLaren's car than his driving. In an interview with Auto, Motor und Sport he says he is still getting used to the car, so he thinks normal circuits will suit him better at the moment.

"I actually like street circuits. But in my current situation, normal circuits suit me a little better, which don't bite when you make a mistake. I have criticized Paul Ricard in the past because it is so extensive. But after Baku, it is now time for some normal circuits again. Probably some drivers are happy that there are finally run-out zones again." Ricciardo also knows that he will need to improve if he is to match Norris' level even slightly.

"I just hope I can get into a good rhythm. With three races in a row and a lot of laps , my development should hopefully accelerate. The best way to improve is to train a lot. Unfortunately that's not so easy in our sport " I can't just get in a car tomorrow and do a few laps. And it's just not the same in the simulator. The walls don't hurt there," said the McLaren driver.

Ricciardo wants to qualify better

During the race it wasn't so bad, but in qualifying, Ricciardo left some time behind, especially compared to Norris. This is something he wants to tackle during the next three weekends. "For France and the races after that, qualifying simply has to be better, just to get a better starting position and thus make life easier for ourselves during the race on Sunday."

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