Massa: ''Everyone wants this, even the fans of Verstappen and Hamilton''

09-06-2021 07:19 | Updated: 09-06-2021 08:56
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Massa: ''Everyone wants this, even the fans of Verstappen and Hamilton''

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen both failed to score any points at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, despite both having the opportunity to increase their lead at some point in the race. As a result, the suspense in the championship continues unabated.

After years of watching Mercedes win, Formula 1 fans will finally get what they deserve in 2021: An exciting F1 season. Red Bull Racing has finally caught up with the German and with Max Verstappen, they have a driver in house who can really put the pressure on Hamilton.

Hamilton versus Verstappen

''Everyone wants this, even the fans of Verstappen and Hamilton. This is what we want, as fans of motorsport. It doesn't matter who is going to win. But I think when you have two teams fighting for the title, that's actually what everyone wants to see. This is sensational for Formula 1," said Felipe Massa to

''What Hamilton is showing has been impressive for a long time. If we go back in time, he could have been champion as early as 2007. However, he didn't become champion because of a few mistakes: in China he went straight into the gravel on entering the pits and the last race he fought in vain with Alonso. Making mistakes is normal, but he might be the perfect driver. And Verstappen is - without a doubt - one of the best," concluded the former Ferrari driver.

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