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Perez reveals: Were close to dropping out

Perez reveals: "Were close to dropping out"

06-06-2021 15:41 Last update: 16:01


Sergio Perez gets to the podium for the first time in his time at Red Bull Racing! In fact, the Mexican takes his second victory of his F1 career. Perez benefited from the loss of Verstappen. The 31-year-old driver is ecstatic with joy.

"I am so, so happy. Normally Baku is always chaos," Perez said to Paul di Resta prior to the podium ceremony. The Mexican is sorry that Verstappen was unable to crown his dominant race with a win. "I'm sorry for Max, I have to be the first to say that. It would have been very nice to be able to take that one-two."

Perez happy with win

He continued, "at the end of the day, it's a great Sunday. We were close to dropping out with the car, but luckily we made it to the finish." What problems Perez was referring to exactly is unclear. However, Perez did immediately stop his car after crossing the finish line."It was tricky until the end."

Perez fought with Hamilton for position throughout the race. "He had a pretty good pace in the race. He was pushing me every lap from the start. I had a bad start afterwards (after the red flag, ed.). He was already next to me, but I didn't want to mess this up. I braked as late as I could, so did he, but for him, it worked out differently. It's a great confidence boost for me and the team."

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