Verstappen: 'I don't need anyone to determine my set-up'

03-06-2021 11:58 | Updated: 03-06-2021 12:30
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Verstappen: 'I don't need anyone to determine my set-up'

Max Verstappen has been the Red Bull Racing driver to win the championship for years. In recent years the Dutchman has been somewhat lonely, with both Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon unable to keep up with him. Sergio Perez seems to be doing a little better compared to Verstappen's former teammates but has yet to develop further this season.

Help from Perez...?

Verstappen will still have to do it all by himself this season, but there could be a turning point. That the Dutchman has always had to do it all on his own is noticeable in every aspect, including the question of whether Perez is a better teammate when it comes to finding the right set-up for the car. Verstappen doesn't want to know about that.

So says he during the press conference, quoted by Motorsport-Magazin: "I don't need anyone to determine the set-up of my car. I do that myself with my team." In short, it can be concluded from this that the Dutchman is pretty much not looking at Perez. This ties in with the words of the Mexican, who previously revealed that he is actually following Verstappen, given that this is a proven route.


During the press conference, there was also room for a more light-hearted question from a fan. For example, Verstappen was asked which university he would have gone to if he had combined it with racing. Verstappen's answer is both interesting and funny because seeing him at a university as a student? Never!

Verstappen: "That doesn't even depend on whether I would race. Can you imagine me at uni? Not me!"

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