Monza targets full stands for vaccinated people at Grand Prix

02-06-2021 10:01 | Updated: 02-06-2021 10:25
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Monza targets full stands for vaccinated people at Grand Prix

The grandstands around the Baku City Circuit remain empty this weekend, but in the near future we can probably expect a lot of fans again. Monza is planning for a Grand Prix with separate sections for vaccinated people, where there can be plenty of partying.

Stands for vaccinated people

It is the image that has become 'normal' for many people since March 2020. Stadiums remain empty, event sites are empty and grandstands of Formula 1 races are also bleakly empty or only half filled. Monza is busy with this season's Grand Prix. And the president of the Italian automobile club ACI, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, is aiming for full grandstands.

''We can put 'no-Covid' grandstands for vaccinated people and other people can then sit in grandstands that still have the distance rules. Those will then be 50 percent full,'' Damiani told radio station Rai Radio 1. With this plan Monza could fill for 70 to 80 percent of the full capacity.

Races with many fans

On the special 'no-Covid' stands, this distance does not have to be maintained, and people can therefore sit next to each other again. According to there are still discussions with the Ministry of Health whether these plans can be feasible. Non-vaccinated people are not allowed to come into contact with vaccinated people, although a separate car park has been set up for that purpose.

Monza should become a blueprint for other Grand Prix to get as many fans as possible, and with that also revenues. Circuits have a hard time in the coronavirus pandemic, and many can not continue to organize races without income from the fans.

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