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Marko on track limits: Why do you draw lines when there's plenty of room?

Marko on track limits: "Why do you draw lines when there's plenty of room?"

01-06-2021 14:29 Last update: 16:22


Track Limits. The whole season it has been a big topic of discussion in Formula 1. In Monaco, because of the lay-out of the circuit, there was less talk about it. However, there seems to be no obvious solution. In conversation with Auto Bild Helmut Marko is the umpteenth person to be critical of the track limits rules. 

Marko saw Max Verstappen being hit by these track limits early in the year. Verstappen crossed the white line and he subsequently lost potential pole positions, race wins and points. He doesn't see the point of it all and is mainly bothered by the inconsistency of the rule.

"You have to ask yourself if this rule makes sense. Why draw lines if there is enough room? What bothers me most is the lack of firmness in the penalty. Sometimes there are five seconds, sometimes ten seconds, sometimes a drive-through penalty. In short, the question arises for me: is it necessary to have track limits? No. What I understand: it takes time to adjust the tracks."

Masi sees it differently

Formula 1 race director Michael Masi would also like to see it differently. However, he confirms what Marko says: the different types of circuits are the main reason consistency is difficult. "Ideally we would like to have a hard limit everywhere. But of course we drive on different types of circuits. If we look at the safety aspect, we have to find the best balance of everything in every situation", he said.

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