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Stroll got away with it: I thought that was it

Stroll got away with it: "I thought that was it"

30-05-2021 14:32 Last update: 16:54


Lance Stroll says he has used all his jokers. In Monaco, the Aston Martin driver collided with the wall, but was able to continue his journey with luck.

Stroll almost crashes

"I thought that was it," Stroll looks back at Motorsport-Total.com at the moment that almost ended his race in Monaco. Stroll hit the wall on the inside of the corner also known as 'Swimming Pool Out'. After this, Stroll had to go over the high kerbstones at a considerable speed, but here the Canadian managed to keep his car out of the wall.

"I was pretty shocked," Stroll said. He was surprised to be able to continue his journey. "You know how that usually ends. That's why I was really happy. I used up all my jokers there."

Lots of points for Aston Martin

Stroll eventually crossed the finish line in eighth place, scoring points for the third time in 2021. Teammate Sebastian Vettel did a little better, scoring his first points of the season with a fifth place.

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