Bonus points for grand slam? 'Could become the permanent implementation mode'

27-05-2021 14:12 | Updated: 27-05-2021 16:32
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Bonus points for grand slam? 'Could become the permanent implementation mode'

Formula 1 has long been working on different formats to make its race weekends - especially for young and new fans - more interesting. One of the outcomes is the introduction of sprint races this season, but there is more to come.

First sprint race at Silverstone

During the Silverstone Grand Prix, the first sprint race will be held. After a qualifying session on Friday, a hundred-kilometre sprint race will be held on Saturday. The result of the sprint race determines the starting grid for the Grand Prix on Sunday. The top three of the sprint race also get points, respectively three, two and one.

F1 director Stefano Domenicali is pleased the sprint race is through. " We don't want to sit on our laurels with a format that could go from classic to old," he told the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. "This is an experiment that should make Friday, Saturday and Sunday interesting. A formula that offers more content for television and that allows the organisers to spread the interest over several days."

Bonus points for grand slam

Formula 1 is not sitting still and is continuously thinking about other ideas for the sport. For example, there is the idea of giving bonus points during a weekend with a sprint race as well. "For the drivers, we are thinking of a bonus of points for those who achieve a grand slam: pole position, victory in the sprint race and winning the Grand Prix. If it becomes a success, it could become the permanent implementation mode of the most historic and iconic Grand Prix."

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