Tost echoes Marko and Verstappen: 'We'll just ignore track limits'

18-05-2021 11:57 | Updated: 18-05-2021 13:31
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Tost echoes Marko and Verstappen: 'We'll just ignore track limits'

Track limits have become a notorious concept for Max Verstappen as well as the Formula 1 viewing public. Not only did the Dutchman lose his fastest race lap, but a pole position will also slip out of his hands due to exceeding track limits. Both Verstappen and Helmut Marko have been critical of the situation, and now AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost comes out in support of the two.

Asked for his advice on the 2020 track limits debacle, Tost replied as follows: "I would ignore it." He does this in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport.

The team boss explains, advocating that the FIA waive penalties for track limit violations: "If someone gains an advantage because they overtake off-track, that is unacceptable. Otherwise, I would refrain from these penalties. It happens more often that someone exceeds the track limits, loses time, wins nothing."

According to Tost, the benefit gained for the driver is often minimal, and in no way outweighs the frustration it can cause the public. "That irritates the audience in front of the TV. I have some friends who call me and say: 'Stop it, nobody can see through it anymore, that bothers you", the Austrian said.

Gravel bed not always the solution

While some drivers and team bosses point to the gravel beds as the solution, Tost also sees problems in them: "Bringing back a gravel bed is not easy. If you take circuits like Bahrain or Portimao: no driver has achieved these advantages that justify making such an effort."

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