Leclerc looks to Mercedes with Ferrari: 'Then we can reach their level'

18-05-2021 09:40 | Updated: 18-05-2021 10:32
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Leclerc looks to Mercedes with Ferrari: 'Then we can reach their level'

Ferrari made a big step in 2021 compared to 2020. However, the focus is entirely on 2022. Charles Leclerc hopes to get the most out of the car this year and sees his team growing.

Ferrari have done a much better job in 2021. The car seems to be more competitive and with Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc the team now has two drivers who score points on a weekly basis. Ferrari has already given up on 2021 though, as the team has set its sights on 2022.

Leclerc sees Ferrari growing

''In 2021 there will be no more major improvements. We are now focused on 2022. So I don't expect a miracle for 2021. We are trying to get the maximum out of this car, but there will be no more big changes. Other than the 'normal updates', which will be taken per specific circuit,'' Leclerc told

When Leclerc is asked about the difference between Mercedes and Ferrari, he knows plenty to mention. ''Honestly? They have more power now and overall a better car. We have a balanced car that is not bad or good at anything, as was the case in 2019. If we improve engine, chassis and aero as a whole package, we can reach the level of Mercedes'', Leclerc concludes.

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