Concerns about sprint racing: 'As a rookie, it’s a bit of a difficult situation'

17-05-2021 17:02 | Updated: 17-05-2021 18:08
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Concerns about sprint racing: 'As a rookie, it’s a bit of a difficult situation'

Formula 1 announced last month that it plans to run a number of sprint races this season to increase the excitement within the sport. It received a lot of positive reactions, but there are also concerns about the performance of the teams.

Yuki Tsunoda is one of the drivers new to Formula One this season. The Japanese driver has had little time to get used to his new car during the opening of the season, so he is working hard to get his car under control as quickly as possible. The sprint races don't make it easy for him though, he told PlanetF1.

The young driver then has to think especially of Brazil, when he drives at a circuit he has never been to before. "If we have sprint race, we don’t have a free practice two or three. We have only one free practice and it goes just straight to qualifying. So as a rookie, it’s a bit of a difficult situation."

Silverstone sprint race

In the Silverstone Grand Prix, on the other hand, he is very much looking forward to it. "I’ve driven there already and I have a lot of experience there, so for me I support it and I’m looking forward to it. But if it’s like a track I’ve never driven, I expect it to be a bit more difficult. But for me, Silverstone sprint race I definitely support and I’m really looking forward to it."

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