Norris not worried about disappointing qualifying form

17-05-2021 11:55 | Updated: 17-05-2021 13:10
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Norris not worried about disappointing qualifying form

With a podium finish at Imola and currently sitting in fourth place in the championship, it has been an excellent start to the 2021 season for Lando Norris. In qualifying, however, things have been less successful so far, but there are good reasons for that.

Faster in Q2 than in Q3

Teammate Daniel Ricciardo has had to play second fiddle to Norris in the race so far, but in the qualifying duel it's 3-1 to Ricciardo. It seems to be mainly in Q3 that things go wrong for Norris. Only in Bahrain was the Briton faster in Q3 than in Q2. In the other races he was not able to improve his time.

However, according to Norris, it has to do with different circumstances and events. "I don't think my qualifying was bad," Norris told "Q1s and Q2s have been very good, and the first run in Q3 has often been very good. But in the second run of Q3 it went downhill a bit, but all for different reasons."

Not something to worry about

According to Norris, the disappointing laps in Q3 were not because he failed himself. "In Spain I had damage to the car. In Imola it was because I went off track. In Portugal I went too early and ended up behind the Aston Martin. They all had a reason. I'm not too worried about that."

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