Ricciardo fears "empty feeling" in Monaco

17-05-2021 10:25 | Updated: 17-05-2021 13:08
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Ricciardo fears empty feeling in Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix is perhaps the most legendary race on the Formula 1 calendar, however, the glamorous aura the event is known for will be largely absent from the mini state this weekend.

More calm before the storm

Last season's race in Monaco was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic and this year's race will again be restricted to a limited number of people. Around 7,500 people are allowed to attend each day and the capacity of the grandstands has been reduced to 40%.

Daniel Ricciardo is unhappy that the weekend won't be like normal. "In the run-up to the race you walk through the crowd in the pit lane to get to your car," he told Australian Associated Press. "It's like chaotic before you get in your car, so your heart rate is already high and then the track does the rest for you. Maybe now there's a bit more calm before the storm."

Empty feeling

Ricciardo says he will miss the lack of that special atmosphere. "It's the whole aura of boats, people on the circuit and drinking and partying at the end of the day. I think the lack of that will probably feel a bit empty. I'm a bit scared not to get too excited." Still, the 2018 winner is looking forward to the race. "The circuit itself is so intense that I think it will always be special."

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