Honda denies: 'I don't feel like there is a language barrier'

16-05-2021 16:21 | Updated: 16-05-2021 16:33
Honda denies: 'I don't feel like there is a language barrier'

The first four Grands Prix have been relatively disappointing for Yuki Tsunoda and AlphaTauri, but Masamitsu Motohashi doesn't notice any decrease in motivation. Honda's Formula 1 chief engineer of AlphaTauri further states that there is no language barrier either.

When Motohashi is asked AS-Web Motohashi was asked about the atmosphere in the team after a difficult weekend in Barcelona he replied: 'Not much has changed. Of course, the results are not there, and we expected more, but the feedback is not suffering and is still as high as ever.'

Tsunoda speaks the same language as Honda's engineers and that makes it easier to discuss specific details in his mother tongue. In English, accurate information gets lost a bit quicker. "That's exactly what I expected. Not only the things that go wrong but also the things that go well can be discussed in a positive and constructive manner", Motohashi says.

Language barrier for Honda?

Despite certain things being discussed in Japanese, there is no language barrier between Red Bull/AlphaTauri and Honda. "To a certain extent, it is difficult to communicate over the radio while the car is on the track. But afterwards, during the meetings and discussions with the engineers in charge, even if you listen to them from the side, I think they say things to each other and understand each other well. I don't feel like there is a language barrier," the Japanese top executive said.

Honda has used the past week to investigate Tsunoda's retirement in Spain. The fuel pressure suddenly dropped causing the power unit to shut down. Possibly this will have consequences for the weekend in Monaco for Red Bull and AlphaTauri.

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